Coconut Products

The plantation division has three estates, comprising of coastal,
Gunanur and inland which constitutes a landmass of
over 2,700 hectares.

Copra Meal

Carpenter Products distributes Carpenter Gold – Premium Copra which is a reputed feed for horses, cattle and goats. Copra is a by-product of coconuts grown in the coconut plantations at the WR Carpenter Estates in Papua New Guinea which is owned by WR Carpenter Group. Copra meal is a by-product of copra crushing which is produced from the oil and fibre of white coconut flesh. The hot-press method used to process the copra helps reduce the starch and fat content and delivers a high protein feed. Premium Copra Meal is a 100% natural feed packed with energy and fibre, ideal for horses, sheep, cattle and goats. 

Premium Copra Meal is 100% natural and organic and contains no additives. This provides a high fibre content and quality omega-3 oil, making it a premium quality organic feed.

Premium Copra Meal is produced in easy-to-use Pellets or Meal  and is the ideal feed for weight gain in cattle, horses and other livestock. 

Our processing plants are equipped with Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service certification which enable us to export major portion of our copra meal to Australia and New Zealand.

Copra meal is available in retail packs of 20kg, bulk form or for feed mills.

High Yielding Hybrid Trees

Pioneer’s of White Copra Production

Active Certified Products

Crude Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is valued as a nutritious health food. We produce good merchantable quality crude coconut oil from copra – dried coconut meat – made from our own plantations and locally grown coconuts that are prepared for crushing by removing the shell, then breaking up and drying the fresh coconut meat.

Our Coconut Plantation is located in Rabaul, East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea, which consists of high yielding hybrid trees.


CCNO Oil processing facility is the largest plant in Papua New Guinea, based in Madang Province. It is located in the vicinity of Madang Town just at the waterfront of Madang Harbor. Our facility produces coconut oil and copra meal, mainly for export, and also houses bulk storage tanks for Crude Coconut Oil a capability to produce over 30,000 metric tons of crude coconut oil annually.

Our Commitment:


  • Colour in 5 ¼” cell: 8 Red Max
  • Free Fatty Acid as Lauric: 4 % Max
  • Iodine Value (Wijs): 8.5% ¬10.5%
  • Moisture & Impurities: 1% Max


  • Protein: 20% Min
  • Moisture: 12% Max
  • Fat: 7% Min


  • Oil Content: 58% Min
  • FFA: 4 % Max
  • Moisture: 7% Max

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