Carpenter Products distributes both black and green
tea from the plantations at Carpenter Estates in
Papua New Guinea, a subsidiary of WR Carpenter.

WR Carpenter own and operate 4 tea plantations in the Waghi Valley of Papua New Guinea producing high quality tea which is processed at the tea plantations itself. The rich volcanic soils and ideal weather conditions of the Waghi Valley contribute to the success of these tea plantations, which are rapidly promoting Papua New Guinea’s reputation as a leading producer of high quality tea to meet a growing demand internationally. 

The tea is grown with no use of chemical pesticides with the CTC or Cut, Tear and Curl process also known as a Natural type of manufacturing. The tender leaves and buds are harvested from fields either by hand or machine and withered in large withering troughs that are exposed to a natural withering process without the help of hot air. This enhances the cup character and reduces the internal moisture content of the leaves, inducing a change in the leaf chemistry. The withered leaves are then fed through machines known as rotovanes to prepare the leaf for the CTC process.

Tea in the plantations are packed in wholesale and retail packs for both the domestic and international markets. The local No:1 Tea brand in Papua New Guinea is the product of these plantations owning a 90% market share in the country.

All teas are packed in paper sacks for export worldwide and in retail packs, loose and in tea bags for the local market , NN1, our national brand own more than 90% of the market share in Papua New Guinea.

Only Award Winning Tea in The Region 

Packed For Ultimate Freshness

Pesticide Free and
100% Organic

All of our tea is available in bulk and retail packs. We blend and manufacture tea bags for retail trade using advanced machinery from Japan.

Our Tea Estates:

  • Aviamp
  • Kindeng
  • Minjigina
  • Kudjip

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