Supplying quality wholesale coffee, copra meal, tea,
balsa, and cocoa from Papua New Guinea.

Green Coffee

High quality green coffee from Papua New Guinea to Australian and New Zealand based roasters. Supplying Kindeng, Sigri & Bunum Wo coffee.

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Copra Meal

Premium Copra Meal, 100% natural and organic feed packed with energy and fibre, ideal for horses, sheep, cattle and goats. 

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We’re the largest single owner of plantation land in PNG. Balsa trees are grown, harvested and processed on our own land. 

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Our cocoa variety, Trinitario, is widely known as the world’s finest cocoa hybrid which is (a cross-fertilisation of criollo and forastero) known for its fine flavour chocolate.

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Carpenter Products distributes both black and green tea from the plantations at Carpenter Estates in Papua New Guinea, a subsidiary of WR Carpenter.

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Carpenter Products

Carpenter Products is a leading distributor in Australia under the umbrella of WR Carpenter Group that operates in the Australasian region. WR Carpenter is the largest single owner of plantations in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that grow and/or manufacture coffee, tea, copra, coconut products and balsa.

Carpenter Products has access to these high-quality commodities from the WR Carpenter plantations in PNG, to meet the demands of customers while maintaining high standards of quality, consistency and reliability of their products supplied to the Australian and New Zealand markets all year round.

WR Carpenter also owns and operate Carpenter Shipping Ltd in PNG to facilitate seamless logistics in transporting commodities efficiently and servicing Carpenter Products for their shipping requirements from Papua New Guinea, to different parts of the world.


Promoting Environmental Awareness


Over 6,000 Local Workforce


Committed to Our Community

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