WR Carpenter (WRC) PNG is the largest single owner of
plantation land in Papua New Guinea. Balsa trees are grown,
harvested and processed on the WRC land.

Volcanic soils, excellent climate conditions of PNG, silver culture of seed stock, well managed nurseries and efficient operations at our Gunanur factory, ensures that high quality Balsa logs are grown sustainably and shipped internationally. To prevent extensive splitting after the felling of Balsa trees, the Gunanur factory is located in close proximity to the Balsa forests, ensuring quick turnaround times from harvest, milling to shipping.

Maintaining continuous availability and sustainability of high-quality Balsa logs throughout the year is paramount to WR Carpenter.

Grown in a controlled and uniform plantation with utmost care, Balsa trees are logged at the 5-year age mark, cut into timber and dried in kiln dryers. They are then sorted based on the quality and density and then processed according to the customer requirements and shipped internationally. At the same time, new seedlings from the nursery are continuously planted uniformly in the estate to ensure yearly supply of Balsa.

Plantations Ready to Ship

Perfect for Industrial Use

High Quality Balsa

We supply our Balsa in:

  • Rough sawn or dressed all round kiln dried luner in light density <= 110kg/m^3
  • Laminated balsa core blocks in light, medium and heavy densities
  • Rigid end-grain panel (with or without sealer)
  • Rigid end-grain scored panel (with or without sealer)
  • End-grain, grid scored, flexible scrim backed panel (with or without sealer)
  • Hobby sheets
  • Hobby blocks

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