Our cocoa variety, Trinitario, is widely known as
the world’s finest cocoa hybrid which is
(a cross-fertilisation of criollo and forastero) known
for its fine flavour chocolate.

Over the years, the plantation has ventured in replanting crops with high-yield and more disease-resistant hybrids to meet the growing demand of cocoa.

Our cocoa variety Trinitario is widely known as the world’s finest cocoa hybrid (a cross-fertilisation of Criollo and Forastero) and for its fine flavour chocolate rating; fruity and floral with a good basal cocoa flavour. Their progenies (hybrid cocoa) supersede with its high yield and fine flavour.

We have a strong competitive advantage in PNG, as a true grower of unique flavoured cocoa beans, inheriting from the rich geographical position and topography of the land. The beans produced are primarily sold into the European destination markets for its unique fine flavour.

500 Hectares Along the Coastal Belt

World’s Finest Hybrid Cocoa

Unique Flavoured Cocoa Beans

Our commitment:

  • Bean count: 100/100g
  • Moisture: 8% Max
  • Waste/Residue: 2.5% Max
  • Mouldy: 3% Max
  • Insect/Germinated :  3% Max
  • Salty : 3 % Max

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